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Miss Red 


Pune 19-24
Bengaluru 25-31
Mumbai 1-8
Chennai 9-10
Kuala Lumpur 11-12
Krabi 13-20
Singapure 21-25
Tokyo 26-7

WhatsApp +45 31 76 99 87


Instagram - missredvelvet_com
Twitter - missredvelvet77


About me

I am definitely unique, at least I haven't found a copy of me yet

and apparently each of us has a double.

I don't have to pretend anything.
I'm brave enough that I always express my opinion,

of course because of my young age,
my views are changing.

From the very first moment,
you'll see a smile that shows my open, warm and calm personality.

My Intelligence and empathy will help us

in establishing a relationship that will be based on
understanding and satisfaction.

I prefer an interesting in-depth conversation,
where I learn something new from you.

Sense and romance with
  optimism for the beauty of the world.

I have a Classic attitude in behavior
and appearance.

Being an innocent, sweetheart I enjoying the little things.

Photo session in Singapore at the hotel Carlton City by photographer /date: 14.01.2023

My look


I have the classic natural look, 

like you see in old Hollywoomovie.

Long legs, nicely shaped figure, marked waistline, large breasts,

symmetrical face with outlined sensual eyes and full lips.

I have a natural body and face without corrections.
  I use light makeup for our meeting.

My clothes highlights my strengths.

173 cm/ 52kg/ down-34/ top-36/ shoe-37/ bra-70E

5.68/ ft115/ down-2/ top-4/ shoe-6/ bra -32DD/E

one small tattoo (1 cm) in a discreet place


Modern art is my passion, which you help to realize by meeting me.

I also love psychology and philosophy, maybe that's why I have black humor.

My last interest are:

The history of the 20th century.
The politics that my memories are related to.

Finances if you feel like talking about that...

Design and architecture as they are a way of life combined with passion.
Traveling, which is one of the reason I do this.

Photographic business in all it’s aspects.

Fashion in social media as a content creator.

And last but not least Netflix - I prefer alternative and drama.


I live permanently in Denmark,

but my studies and work allow me to travel.

I am always connecting our meetings with my job and passion.

I don't like taking a deposit any more than you don't like sending it to me.

Sometimes I ask you to send a small deposit to make sure you are real.

I will be available in the city center, but I’m happy to meet outside,

With an additional fee that covers the transport.

Please follow my social media and know when I will be in your country.


                                Stay updated

Now you will not forget me ;)

I am your dream

If you miss a real girlfriend, I'm perfect for you.

You will feel as if the memory of the past love,

that you nas miss comes back to you.

It is important to me that  build a warm connection,

based on shared satisfaction.

My presence will build an intimate,

emotional atmosphere full of passion, between us.

My artistic creativity personality will create a feeling,

that you will remember a meeting for long time.

Where our sweet sin will remain a Mystery.

During the first meeting, to get to know each other better, 

remember to reserve a the right time for us.

Remember to have GFE it’s important to have

a nice conversation, between us Booth.

WhatsApp +45 31 76 99 87


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